'Lines Only!' Fundamentals: Elimination Tattoo | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

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In this week's elimination tattoo, each shop is being judged on their fundamentals. The artists must leave no room for errors as they’re challenging with creating texture, depth, and contrast by tattooing illustrative black work, but is one team cheating their way to the top? 

Ink Master: Shop Wars Season 9 Airs Tuesdays at 10/9c! 

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This season on Spike’s Ink Master, 9 of the best tattoo shops in the country are competing for the title of America’s first “Master Shop.”

Stupid. That's not cheating. That's being smart. They are just jealous cause they didn't think of it first. Idiots
Rubym Martin
Make this available in new zealand
Cheated or not...the guy got a sick ass tat! 👏
Frankie Loves gee
I was wondering why no one else thought of using a mag like it is literally such a basic idea idk how none of them thought of it
That tiger looked like a piece of shit! I would hate for that to be on my body. Gonna be a shit cover-up.
That Mike P dude is cute af
Dat Kid
I love the deer one
HeyItzKim x
I like the one that’s under the breast xx
Monster Gamer
Anyone know the name of the chick with her boobs out, its really important that I found out her social media its for my homework
John Smith
Omg when he said sweet heart my heart melted
Dais Y
Does somebody know what episode this was?
walao eh
I mean he still did used lines which was the only requirement ! Ain’t his fault y’all didn’t think of that
xx jay
Elena Roberts
They didn’t cheat. They all had the opportunity to use mags. The others just didn’t think of it.
Xavier Lugk
Dane reminds me of the green alien with one eye from lelo and stitch
coco puffs
OMG that tiger! 😂😂 id be fuckin pissed! 😂😂
Tabloid Junkie
Work smarter not harder but the girls got nice tits. No other trolls mentioned that so imma do it
You are impossible
Mike is so cute💞🌻❤️
Kookie Monster
Old town did not cheat. They used their brains and probably saved a lot of time
Nishant Jayant
tools are there to assist you. That guy was just smart to use the mag. Other guys needs to grow the fk up
Nik 不屈の Heke
all of them cheated....theyre all professional tracers.
Jasmin Jade
If the judges thought it was a smart idea for Old Town Ink to use it, then why would the other shops send them into the bottom 3. i will never understand
Cassandra Hoggins
Work smarter not harder. If you have the ability to ensure that your tattoo is technically sound you take it.
AK 13
Working smarter is not cheating
Good Will
That fucking toothpick. What a loser
Mangle The fox
TBH the tiger looked ok
Minzokai Pu
I mean, of course it's not against the rules, but when u want to be an ink master, u should be able to do 5 parallel lines O.o
CJ Rainbowbane
wtf these people are getting tattooed in a timed race of a competition? How retarded.
I mean, it's like using your resources
Kacie Lysne
So... what happened ?
HellFire Guy
I saw tits

And I clicked
-S- Henderson-
Ryan and Gian would have loved this
Chin Chin
Goddamn. All I'm getting is EDGY AND CRINGE.
Maria Maus
Chas Charlton
it doesn't matter what needle group you use as long as you do lines only, you can use a 5rs to power line it's technically a shader used to line, these other artists just salty
Lady SHJ
The magnum is brilliant!Both less pain & time saving for the artist & client, plus in paying real life scenario the client saves a few bucks the faster the tattoo session(s) are completed.
Fucking hated that guy with the bald tattooed head it’s just dude you just suck! You claimed 2 different groups cheated because you lost!
mike is fucking beautiful
Jena James
Tattoo artists are really good at complaining. Why do they complain about literally every single person they tattoo? They always have something to say about it. Like, "she wants everything on one single tattoo". Really tho? Or does she just want the tattoo that she wants? Tattoo artists are like the worst people ever.
Chunnibyou Chan
0:48 am I the only one getting flirting vibes from him? THATS DANE’S GIRL!!!
The SecretLover333
If it was there it ain't cheating bish let it go he thought of it first
Amy Seibert
I also think last week's episode should have played out differently. I know the show is a competition but does no-one nowadays have a conscience!? Something should have been said, if not by a fellow contestant, definitely by the judges. The "skin" has to live with a tattoo that has f*cked-up thumbs forever! Long story short - I think Kleen got ripped off & I'm a believer in karma for Katie.
This is a thing? n there's 9 seasons of it?? god bless
Bertholdt Hoover
The tree and hearts lines are so gooood
Using a mag isn't cheating it might look like it's shading but it's not
Chris Samurai
I Swear on my mother's life that i will like this comment
Ember Ash
Beatrice Villaflor
Why is using a mag cheating?
Work smart, not hard.
Charles Lee Smading
Any girl that get a Tattoo on her pussy is so dumb, an I know a Dumb girl or two as they both have Tattoos on their Sweet Hot, Super Tight Pussy's
neon Yaya
Why you never show the alimanation
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