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A new horror film from acclaimed filmmaker Trey Edward Shults. Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Christopher Abbott star in IT COMES AT NIGHT – Now Playing.

RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2017
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Trey Edward Shults
CAST: Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, and Carmen Ejogo

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PrettyRed Gemini
this movie was stupid and made no kind of since.
watch this movie if u wanna waste 91 minutes of ur life
Ebba Jensen
Must watch
12345 54321
Оно приходит ночью в хорошем качестве уже тут:
It Attac

It Protec

It come at night
نيزك MC5
العربي يحط لايك ويكتب من يا دولة
nguyenvan nhat
Yoооou cаn watсh It Cоmеs аt Night hеre
Esra Can
Awsome trailer💓l really cant wait the see the movie
felix sarpong
It Coооmеs at Night hd mооооvie heеееrеeе =>
Даниил Ласкин
Hello yyyoutubeers waatcсch It Cоomеs at Night online heеre =>
Did a review for It Comes At Night with fair use. During the video I used parts of the trailer. The parts were edited and had no sound for the most part. I talked over the visuals to give my opinions on the film. Please remove the copyright claim, A24.
kuitlahuak rafael argumedo vera
i cried at the end ':(
Henry Bell
watched it monday it ends horrible
Ahmad ihsan
Yоu cccаn watch It Comes аt Night herе
TyTy X.
I am so pissed the fact that I high hopes for this movie n it ended up to be trash. I repeat do not see this movie. u will waste ur money
TyTy X.
do not see this movie u will waste ur money
bradley Rice
Тhis mоviе is nоw avаilаblе tо watсh hееrе =>
I give this two middle fingers up. Waste of my damn time.
Raymond O
This movie was sooooo boring.
mi julie
Don't waste your time on this movie!
This movie sucked.
Elijah Munoz
i saw this movie yesterday and i wasnt even scary
Flavio Jesus
The movie is good, it is pretty much suspense with suspicious people. It is a cheap movie I think, in 99% of the movie, everything start and end at the same place, if you like a regular movie with a beginning and a clear end, that is not your movie, move on unless you someone is paying for your ticket.
KG ken
Stupid movie. The title has nothing do with the movie. Rotten tomatoes gave this movie a positive score and honestly, I don't see how not unless the critics were smoking crack. Lol. And the ending for movie makes you want to talk to the director of this movie and tell him please don't direct anymore movies.
Sugar Cake
This movie was the stupidest god damn movie like they didn't explain shit don't watch this save yo money
dani neiva
Hyped af
Jacob Staten
it's boring. save your money
Ana Bullock
I saw it because of Joel Edgerton... the movie was confusing and building to no true end. Extremely disappointing after seeing it opening weekend. A24 what happened in post production?
Matt Ferraiolo
It mostly comes at night...mostly.
Mihael Bošnjak
Heere is reeeeally full and good quаalityy It Comes at Night =>
hints hints if you pay more attention to the wall of pictures. showing the black kid. he have some disease.
Dakota Metzgar
I read a creepy pasta with this EXACT same name.
Jasmine Mallory
12:08 It Comes at Night M0VIE ( )
what kind of painting is that on the begging
T Bone
hey can you get the home made ice cream down in the shelter.

which room?

oh the red door


oh don't worry it only comes at night 🌃
Can I please 1000 Subscribers
What comes at night you ask?

A Pedophile, drug dealer, And Batman
KM Reviews
I have an interview with Kelvin Harrison Jr who starred in this movie on my channel right now!
I also come at night
Greyson Wayne
I feel like I'm the only one here not impressed nor thinking its scary
Andrew Golis
2:54 It Comes at Night (2017) FuII Movie
penelope pittstop
it's the kid
Eh, I'm over interracial couples in movies. It seems like that's their only reason for making it.
Ethan Cole
It mostly comes at night.... Mostly.
Captain Uterus Mongrel
It's too hard to establish a movie with a trailer especially for horror. I feel so burned out after so many great horror trailer which turned into garbage. I wanna love love this but I am afraid.
A24 = This is going to be good.
Rin Rin
it cums at night
Golongan Bantarhuni
Jugg Knight
if anyone want to know the name of the painting in the beginning, it's, "The Triumph of Death" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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