How to Use Pinterest for Business

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Pinterest is an online pin board, where users categorize and share images. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can’t publish any content unless an image is involved.

Before using Pinterest, it’s important to know the difference between the two types of Pinterest accounts you can have: a Pinterest personal account and a Pinterest business account.

Although business accounts look very similar to personal accounts, there are 5 main differences. The first difference is that to create a business account, you need to follow the prompts on this url whereas to create a personal Pinterest account you need to follow the prompts on this url: 
The second difference is that to create a business account, you need to agree to the business-specific terms of service. The third difference is that with a business account you can name your account your brand name. So instead of naming your account your first and last name, you name your account the name of your business. The 4th difference is that you’ll be able to access analytics to give you insights about your audience and your performance on Pinterest with a Pinterest business account. The 5th main difference is that a business account allows you to create “rich pins”, also known as “super pins” or “enhanced pins”.
Rich Pins are Pins that include additional information on the Pin itself. There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, film, recipe, article, product and place.

Should you have already created a personal Pinterest account, you can easily switch to a business account by going to: and clicking on “convert now”.

Like any other social network, Pinterest uses its own jargon. So before you start using Pinterest, you’ll need to know the following terms:

Pins are Images published on Pinterest (the equivalent of a social media post)
Boards are Folders on Pinterest to categorize pins
A Pinner is A Pinterest user
To Repin is The act of sharing someone else’s pin with your Pinterest followers by publishing it in one of your Pinterest boards
Followers are The Pinterest users who are subscribed to your account and are able to see your pins in their newsfeed
Following are The Pinterest users you subscribe to, to see their pins in your newsfeed.
Feeds are What you see when you login to Pinterest. All the latest pins from the people you follow. 

Once you’re familiar with Pinterest terminology, you’re ready to open an account and start using Pinterest effectively.

First, open your account and make sure that you write a keyword rich bio, underlining who you are as a business and how you help people. Avoid just writing a job title. Then, add a profile picture as accounts with no profile picture perform less well. Your profile picture can be your business logo if you are not the face of the brand or it can be a headshot of you. Then, add a url where you want to point your followers to. It could be your blog, or your website, etc…

The next step when using Pinterest for business is to start adding content to your account. Start by creating boards with keyword rich titles. Make sure you also select a category for each Pinterest board to help people find them and for Pinterest to recommend your Pinterest board. Your boards should be aligned with your topic and be of interest to your target audience. 

The next step when using Pinterest for business is to fill your boards with original and relevant pins. Pinterest is not an online catalogue for your products. Instead, it’s a place where people look for and share unique and interesting images. 

Then, to increase your chances of being found on Pinterest, take advantage of Pinterest tools. Add a Pinterest widget on your website like this one. When people browse your website and click on the widget, they’ll be redirected to your Pinterest account. You can also embed your pins, boards or profile onto your website or blog. To do so, simply go to: and then add the link of the Pinterest board, pin or profile you want to display on your website or blog, and grab the embed code.

Lastly, when using Pinterest for business, you’ll want to build your audience. To grow your Pinterest followers, a good habit to adopt is following people so a percentage of them follow you back. Follow up to 100 people a day. This should get you an additional 20 followers if not more, a day. Another way to get noticed, is by engaging regularly with other pinners’ content, who attract a similar audience as yours. You can engage by liking their pins, sharing them and more importantly, by leaving interesting comments.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video on how to use Pinterest for business. Remember to leave a comment below and subscribe to our channel to receive the latest social media tips straight to your inbox.

Ashley Randall
I have a question (or 9). If I'm trying to get attention on Pinterest to steer people toward my site, how concerned should I be with the descriptions of the pins that I'm repinning? Like if I repin a pin that has a great description, and I change it to "bleh", am I creating a duplicate that has an awful chance of showing up in search results? And conversely, if I repin a pin that has a terrible description, should I put much effort into improving it?
I'm having a sense of jaw-dropping disappointment after having set up my business Pinterest account today and adding 250 different pins of my projects, I'm finding that there is no share button for the page that I have created on Pinterest, I'm also finding that they do not allow me to use my business name of green canvas interior scape because it oversteps the 15 limit boundary so I'm forced to use art life nature, which is what shows up in a URL when I finally figured out how to share the page using an external browser as opposed to the Pinterest app, so my business name doesn't show up in the URL when I'm sharing it despite my business name being on the account but my username does, there's no option for LinkedIn only Facebook and Twitter which I don't do... how did they drop the ball so much on this one with no share or LinkedIn?? ?
Olabode Oladapo
Just what I needed
AMG Home Products
Awesome tips! Loved it. I had to pause the video several times so that I could jump to Pinterest and actually do what you were saying. Thank you
Human Research
thank you very much, concise and helpful
michael parent
Thank you I had a really vague description on how to do anything until now, that was extremely helpful.
Anna Krantz
Thank you!!! Great video
Sooo helpful, clear and to the point! It was also very easy to understand! Thx!
All in One
I use PinPinterest com to automate and manage my pinterest account...I use (and recommend) PinPinterest com to automate and manage my pinterest accoun
Philip Browne
Awesome and thanks for sharing this info...cheers PB
Gary Davidson
Just what we need to get started.
Melon Headz
very informative many thanks
This is great. THANKS
Insomnia Team
Very well done, i learned a lot from this video. Thank you so much!
Roberto Innocenzi
Very helpful and clear.
Thank you for sharing.
Sheryl Washington
Try to improve your business on Pinterest
Very helpful. Nice & simply put.
News FLASH! Hello! Pinterest will NOT allow ANYONE to add affiliate links. When I tried I received the following error message: "SORRY! WE BLOCKED THIS LINK BECAUSE IT MAY LEAD TO SPAM!"
Woaliullah Olee
Love the way you explain <3
Joy Towse
So helpful! Thank you very much!
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thanks for this useful information. keep up the great work.
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Very nice video, very informative, thanks
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Really enjoyed your video. Thanks so much for collating such great info in a short video. Much appreciated 😊
Miss Jain
Pinterest enabled its users to search ads with customized preferences. Here’s how:
David Colman
This is a fantastic video. It is easily the most informative and helpful I've come across on converting to a Pinterest business account.
Roberta Avant
Thank you for this insightful information! Very easy to follow step by step.
Charles Carter
I use (and recommend) PinPinterest com to automate and manage my pinterest account. It is free to use, runs on the cloud, optimised for mobile devices and has the Pin Scheduler!! Sets up via the 5-minute easy setup.

Its intelligent algorithms make it run at a human-like speed so your account is always ban-safe. And being intelligent, they make sure only content relevant to your business is pinned to your account.

Try PinPinterest once and you won’t have to look anywhere else again :)
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