Joey Driller
I wonder if my fear tastes good
Shane Hare
One time I heard something crawling inside my wall
scott lewson
I CUM at night to insert lenny face
I don't remember when I first saw so when I first saw it...
Ognjen Ivanovic
grandpa kicks open the door with shotgun
Grandpa: BA BA BA BA while shooting
Syaoran kururugi
Wii would like to play
tabbyvsbrak 1
Me too
Howiemijo89 Antmac08
I love this story so much
Assassingaming 111
The story contradicts it self, it says that it can't remember the first time It saw it, and then 30 seconds later it says the first time it saw it.
Comade Lei Feng
The thumbnail is a falmer from Skyrim.
"It Comes at Night" is a good title; I hope people know this story came out before the movie did. 😊
Ermac is that you?
Jason Vorhees
"You got snagged on a nail. No idea how a nail could have cut you like that, but that must have been what happened"

These doctors don't ask many questions, do they?
Anime Fnatic
Me: "yo bro if I go with you.. do ya'll got wifi??" Them: "y-yea.. sure.. just come with us..." me: "ffffuck yaaaaa"
Im Too Random
Was this created into a movie or was this inspired by the movie?
Make Shake Productions
("._.) (._.")
Hey as long as it pays a fee, of some sort, I mean it can be anything even like 5 cents
Also it can be kinky as fuck so... Yeah, I mean you see the top 3 comments
Im already and introvert and talking telepathically seems fun, we could talk politics, games, and work until he or she could just snap me asleep
Also, side note, it has to return me within a week at least, I dont want to be away from family and friends but if it wants me for a while ill stay over
side note two, so maybe it would be for one night because these things stem from dreams?
Yu Shika
Damn that was really good
Is this what the movie of the same name is based off of?
Hooknosed Jack
“We are Anonymous”
Julie Caudill
Spooky and creepy good story teller love the voice 👍
If i heard tapping noises on my bedroom window i would most likely just grab a hard wooden object (preferably a baseball bat), go "u fuckin wot m8?" Open the blinds and if i saw something on the other side knock it's teeth out through the window
Frankie boi Rizzo
I also tend to ejaculate at night.
I bet any money no one even noticed the doll in the right window at the beginning of the vid
spersamori spersamori
The moon comes at night dumbass!
X Lps_Dark_Wolf X
Me and my friend made a joke about the lines "we can taste fear" "we can smell you sleeping" " and we watch you sleeping" 😂
Epic Sans
You know what else comes at night ?
AnarkeyTrollzXD Trolling and PVP
Isnt this a movie?
Peter Kunimura
U suck my ,
Warrior's Vids
Here's an even scarier story

I had to hang out with my friend Kandase.....

She's on her period
Warrior's Vids
"It comes at night"

Yeah, so do I
Meta Knight
"It comes at night" yeah.....I'm just gonna.....*locks bedroom door and hides in closet* YOU CANT HAVE MY VIRGINITY ITS MINE
floppy pancake
Good job me its 3:00am and watching it comes at night and i have school tomorrow im goin to sleep now

Maybe after this one 🙃
jax to the max
7:30 "we are many" ermac? Buddy? Is that you?
LunaticFox kun
I'm not sleeping tonight, I have a very vivid imagination
Jon P
OMG I wrote this and its on his channel 😱
Your Ocular Genjutsu won't work on me Satan!
brony cake
each time it said "come with me" i heard Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you'll see
Into your imagination imagine that you don't get a demon you get a willy wonka or for some reason idk why BILLY MAZE HERE TO KIDNAP YOU FROM YOUR BED FOR LESS THEN 19.95 BUT WAIT IF YOU PAY NOW YOU GET TO SPEND A LIFETIME WITH SLENDER here our number heavy static you call now you will get 50% off before the rake finds you in 7 days
Alyssa The Alyssum Vlogs
but right next to my bed i have a hammer so im never scared
Alyssa The Alyssum Vlogs
who else would be like ok new family
anon ???TM
If that comes to my place I shall play the cute innocent child and probably get killed :D. FUN !
Dolphin dude99
falmer in thumbnail
Loren Cordovez
It's a vampire duhhh
jack moopoo
You should of said to your grandma,
Why did you open the window...
William Nagore
You have a fascination with creepypastas that feature windows, don't you?
Lorenzo Vazquez
I imagined it and shit my self
V1per V1R0S
"We are many, we are one-"

Logan Poe
Ha jokes on the monster I don't think I do shit crazy shit
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