David Braddock
The only thing that came at night for me was boredom...nothing happened zzzzz
placebo foyo
What annoys me is that this film desperately tries to invite you to analyse it. But you don't feel anything for the characters. The story is very bare bones and it's message just gives you a sigh. Wouldn't watch again.
Gob Lok
Certainly NOT a feelgood movie for Lefties, but a validatory one for those on the Right.
Intentionally or not this movie is at its core, deeply ideologically conservative. The survival and defence of family, above all else, is a first principal baked into the narrative. Notions of responsibility and duty to others, whilst humane and well intentioned, ultimately pose an existential threat - a principal ignored by the protagonists who's compassion seals their fate.
It isn't a horror film per se, but is truly terrifying in its depiction of what people will do when overcome by desperation and paranoia. Similarly to the Witch it is mostly in the suggestion and haunting cinematography and music selection that gives this film its edge.
Hard Candy
Enjoyed it a lot.
Mark Kermode - best reviewer in the world. Thank you
Rob Robberson
I was very pleasantly surprised by it.
ol knesebeck
watched this on the strength of his review. And for the first 30 minutes this movie oozed class and tension. Then something happened the script writer was obviously brutally murdered by the thing that comes at night and thw reigns handed to someone who knew nothing about the plot of the film. Stuff now happened that makes no sense. Nothing is explained. Nothing ever comes at night. Everyone dies. Utterly utterly pointless film in the end. So disappointing after such a promising start.
I went into this having only watched the ~90s Teaser and absolutely loved it. The tension through out the movie was palpable, and the unnerving desire to know more lingered with me long after it ended.
Scott Shepard
Everyone has a malicious hatred towards this movie because they were expecting "It" to show up and it never came, smh. . . And on top of that they throw the word "pretentious" at it. It's as if any movie without blatant visceral gore, monsters, or loud noises gets tossed into the "pretentious" category. I'm looking forward to watching this when it comes out to rent.
William Oldham
Very good movie
I really loved this movie. I avoided the majority of trailers and didn't have any prior knowledge going in. Really, it's a very thoughtful meditation on the power of fear and paranoia and features some really strong performances, most notably Edgerton.
I think he liked it.
Ash Beech
Absolutely loved this film, one of my favourites of 2017.
I HATED the VVitch, and I HATE this, too!
neil gaskin
I feel dubious about this movie! Too much talking and no action!
Martin T.
Hearing how misleading the trailer might be, I went in more-or-less blindly, to watch it, last night. Very impressive, slow burn thriller with a continuous horrific tension throughout. The characters are as human as they can get, the atmosphere is immersive and indeed similar to the "Witch", or I dare to say even "Under The Skin", yet it could easily take place in the futuristic world of "The Rover". Besides the Kubrick-influence (they even named the dog Stanley), it is reminiscent of Michael Haneke's ambiguous apocalyptic drama "Time of The Wolf".
Md Rafe Sumnan Lasker
Finаlly I'vee found hd It Cоmes aat Night mоvie here =>
Appreciate these movies more and more as I see them, horror has become pretty stale.
Tim K
Extremely divisive film, but honestly its my favourite of the year so far. I'm a sucker for arty horror films. Feel for the folks that couldn't get on its wavelength.
sam soul
The marketing department shot themselves on the foot with this one, and I have no idea why they keep doing this! Several people left the theater I was at. As Mark says the film The Witch is very similar to this one which is equally brilliant, don't watch the trailer if you haven't already to really appreciate it, it's a solid film in my opinion.
Seems like this is a polarising horror movie.
What no shaky night vision mobile phone footage? No OMGing teens screaming at a CGI ghost puppet monster old lady devil? There better be a jumpscare and a fast cut to the credits at the end or it will never make money.
Joel Edgerton has a knack for picking these kinda roles, i hope it's as good as the gift and im looking forward to seeing it
Saw it recently, absolutely loved it, my friend hated it. Probably helped that I knew it was gonna be a cult-y film going in, and not a James Wan-ish horror film. The increasing feeling of dread, claustrophobia and paranoia frightened me a whole lot more than any jump scares, I think even held my breath a couple of times without realising.
not a horror/dread fan so i'll probably swerve this one, but this was kermode on top form. excellent review
Mick G.
Fnarf fnarr.
Daniel Stangl
this movie is terrible
I just think it's bizarre that so many people find this movie boring. I wasn't scared out of my mind or anything, but I'd definitely put this on the list of most suspenseful films of the past few years
Beautifully eloquent. I'm checking this out.
The director has said that he doesn't want us to notice the aspect ratio change, but it's impossible not to notice it. The aspect ratio changes whenever the son has a nightmare - in the end of the movie the aspect ratio changes because the reality has become a nightmare.
Charlie Panayiotou
This film sounds so depressing not even the presence of Riley Keough can persuade me to see it!
Timothy Wilkes
Elvis would be proud of his Granddaughter Riley Keough.
Andy G
I thought 'It Comes At Night', possibly the dodgiest title for a film this year, was pretty disappointing. It attempts to thrill and suggests horror, but never gets anywhere near either of these. In reality, it just walks through to what becomes a pretty obvious end. Bit of a bore-fest. 2/5
TJ Hastie
Saw this last month. As I was leaving the theater, I was positive it was the best film I'd seen so far this year. Then I overheard another person saying to their friends that it was the "worst movie ever".
bartholomew peanuts
one of my favorite films of the year so far
Talia Price
this was a pretty good movie
Adam Johnson
Sounds like one of those movies that the critics will love and the audiences will hate.
next film on the list.

have to find a screening now.
Another polarizing horror movie. Demons to some, angels to others...
Steve Chandler
How Kermode describes this...particularly using the word dread...suggests to me that this is going to be an example of horror done right. I'm terribly fond of a lot of horror movies which evoke a response from the audience by making loud noises and/or throwing viscera around. But the ones that really stick in my head. That insinuate their way into my subconscious and make a home for themselves there. It's the ones that succeed in delivering a feeling of steadily mounting dread. Really looking forward to this.
Irish Sean
Can't wait to see it, loved 'The Survivalist' with Martin McCann....
reasons I love kermode reviews you can actually feel the passion he has for films in his reviews.
Craig Wiggan
Can't wait to see this....'Krisha' was one of the best films of 2016 imo
Fletcha Conway
I saw this weeks ago, it reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode, i am beyond glad Mark enjoyed it, one if the best horror films to come out within the last 10 years.
sounds great! loved the witch.
A Lonely Weeaboo
I saw it nearly a month ago (American release).

I loved it, but the audience seemed like they were on the verge of booing by the end of the movie because of how mismarketed it was over here.
Saw it a couple of days ago. It's a cult classic of the future. The tension throughout the entire film is just palpable, and there's a constant feeling that things could go horrifyingly wrong at any moment. It's a masterclass in putting the audience in the same state of mind as the characters: the fear of the unknown, the desperation of survival, the paranoia of not knowing if something is real or not, the tension of moments of possible inhumanity. This film is best experienced without knowing anything at all about the film, even the basic outline of the plot. Even the description Mark gives here spoils about half the movie. I heartily recommend everyone to watch it, but it's not a date movie, and not a horror movie by modern standards. It's more of an excruciatingly tense psychological thriller with some absolutely harrowing moments. It's horrifying kind of in the same way as Requiem for a Dream is horrifying: the horror of humanity itself.
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