Can't Login Into Pinterest With Facebook or Google+

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You Can’t Log In With Facebook or Google+

Step 1:
Make sure you're logged into the Facebook/Google+ account that's linked to Pinterest - if you're logged out or if you try to log in using the wrong account, you'll have trouble logging into the correct Pinterest account.

Step 2:
Check that you have popups turned on - a login window will prompt you to log in, or will log you in automatically if you're already logged into Facebook/Google+

Step 3:
Try logging in with your email and password - you can look up the email address on your account if you can't remember it.
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omg im so fuking frustrated!!!! this fucking shit!!! fuck this!!! i cant fucking fuck to log the fuck in!!!! fuck you pinterest reslove this bullshit!!! fuck you and fuck your programers!!!
Online Help
For unable to login Into Pinterest With Facebook or Google+ just go through this link:

Or for instant assistance call at helpline number 1-844-711-1008
Sabre Blade
What do you do when none of those steps work?
Can't login to Pinterest with my facebook anymore since i changed my name on FB. really shit. Nothing works..
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