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What is IT?
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In this video I:
-Analyze the themes of IT COMES AT NIGHT and explain the abrupt ending.
-Attempt to explain why the marketing works for the film

Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put to test when a desperate young family arrives seeking refuge.
Director: Trey Edward Shults
Writer: Trey Edward Shults (screenplay)
Stars: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo

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this movie was the best movie I saw this whole year because let's be honest this year has been a little poor on movies and then this movie saves the year it's fucking amazing
totes jokin
Wow, people are nuts, this film was tense as HELL to me.
It was at this moment that Nathan knew...
pedro almeida
I swear he is just one octave away from sounding like a Didgeridoo.
Jonathan Chavez
The Directors voice was super annoying
When Paul drives his car, we can distinctly see a huge motionless dark figure sitting in the wood. At first I thought it was a piece of a tree, but then looking again I noticed it was actually like a human figure....
Frankie Kate
i think it was travis who opened the door and interacted with stanley, but it just wasnt shown in the movie, then travis raised the alarm. i think andrew's family was not infected, they died at the hands of travis' father's paranoia. and Travis' family died of the illness despite all their precautions.
Francisco Valle
It was fustreatingly horrible to watch because half way into it you know nothing is gonna happen like it did in the first half . Tricked into sitting threw a bunch of pointless conversations in a cabin with low IQ characters fartn around till they kill themselves. "It comes at night" was the trick, to thinking something cool was gonna happen once the sun went down.
I love A24
Sweet Windhi
the director use batman voice
this movie took me to a dark place
Paddy Mc
Anybody else distracted by the shitty drumbeat in the background?
they should have burn the house. You know kind of an hommage to tarkovsky. or like i don't know how to finish the movie let burn the main prop
Brandon Christopher
Movie is sh(it) comes at night.
Muse Ingenue
UM, no... that is incorrect. The Writer/ Director CONFIRMED that Paul IS the biological Father of Travis. It's kinda unfair to point this out to you since he CONFIRMED Bud was African American, and is Paul's wife's biological Father. Rewatch it, I promise you will see that there are pictures of Paul and his wife BEAMING in photo's along that hallway Travis keeps walking through. Not only is there a picture of Paul and Wife excited about their child in photographic evidence, BUT ALSO there are pictures of Paul holding Travis as a baby.... a few of them, actually.
It is easy to catch, and I've seen the film three times now.

Remember President Obama? Well, pictures of him with his mother before her death shows that she is " white"... But President Obama looks far more African American than "white". After his mother died President Obama's white grandparents stepped in as parental figures.

It's fact. Sorry, but it's true. Again look at the photos along the walls. AND try researching it now.

Secondly, I'm sorry but I just can't agree that Travis let the dog in. Why is that child in BUD'S room then? Why does Travis finally show symptoms 24 hours after helping that child?
Come on. I'm not trying to argue, I just wanted to discuss a few things with you since I have enjoyed hearing your take on other films, I was hoping that you'd take another look and see how perfectly timed everything was.

Maybe download the film and watch it with subtitles but one of the few sentences you can make out and also SEE with subtitles on is the young boy saying "Mommy why are my eyes all black" and " It hurts, mommy. It hurts."
I plan on getting it on BLU Ray as well where they reveal the scene that was in the trailer but not the film when their house is on fire.

Obviously you have a lot of love for cinema, as do I. That's why I was a Theatrical/ and Cinema Arts major. And Yes, I do work in front of the camera usually, I have also directed, as well as act professionally.

Anyway. I guess your so sold on your original take that you refuse to look at it AGAIN... Travis us a far more tragic character. Had he not helped the boy he never would have gotten sick, but he is a kind person.

Will on the other hand lied to Paul a few times. He also kept a weapon on himself instead of turning over all weapons to be locked up as he agreed upon. Will was only supposed to use the a weapon if he was outside, but then they were supposed to go back to Paul and locked up.
Kinda sad, the film hits you in the gut more if you realize that it was Paul only lost his family because his son Travis was so kind.
Instead you're focussed on how the son is DARKER than the dad so it must be his step dad.
The shift in film format is used Every Time Travis us dreaming, so I don't believe Travis EVER truly went out at night, because that was filmed in the format that all of his dream sequences are.
I'd point out more, but I'm clearly wasting my breath. I give up. I wish you a good day, Sir.
Muse Ingenue
UH. NO. I love you but I disagree about biological father vs. "step Father". Yes, his son looks far more African American than " white", but the son DID look bi-racial... since the wife IS African American, I am positive that was his biological father. I am multi racial myself, and am roughly the same skin tone as you, maybe lighter. However, when people assume I'm Latina or whatever it drives me nuts. The Grandfather was African American like the Mother. I know he looks very light, but that can happen when African Americans can get VERY pale.
ALSO, I totally disagree. I think the new family's kid DID open the door, the lead kid is from too intelligent to go after the dog.
When were the keys left on the counter?
I think making Paul remove his mask was my major issue, when he entered the Will's family room. If the kid is sick, forcing Paul to remove his mask infects him and his family too, if the kid is not sick and they are leaving because they think Paul, Travis and the wife are sick, then Will has infected his family at the end of the gun. I think pointing out to Paul, "I'm going to let you keep your mask on" would have been a much more effective way of reinforcing the ambiguity the director was going for. Asking Paul to keep the mask on does two things: it give us the audience a reason to sympathize with Will and family since a) he has concern for infecting Paul's family or b) he suspects Paul's family is infected and he is trying to protect his own family from the infection. I think that scene was, what I found, to be the breaking point for me liking the film.
never watching a movie this guy directs again. ambiguous endings are just a piss poor excuse for not wanting to explain the plot holes because he's a lazy piece of shit.
I think this movie was stupid and boring. First off, didn't the dad state that the door could only be opened by the lock that he or his wife only had access to? He was such a paranoid person I would think that he would have this house very secure so that makes sense. Yet, I remember when Will just kicked the door in while breaking in! Ha! Secondly, why didn't they show the dog? It looks like someone tortured it. Sometimes I think the dad purposely did it to infect and have a reason to kick the other family out. Or it was someone from the woods from the two men he shot. Did Will know them? Or it was Travis who killed the dog in sleepwalk mode and brought it in infecting himself. I could never tell if his dreams were reality or the latter. I’m also 50/50 that Travis was already sick after his grandpa dying hence the nightmares and/or he is the one who was sleepwalking, touched the dog, and infected the kid. Also, at the end Will states Andrew isn’t sick and tells Paul to take off his mask. I think the kid is sick so why would he sabotage them? Was he a bad person? I remember the brother VS brother-in-law questionable comment. I think even if the kid wasn't sick. The Will family was sick of Paul's psychotic rules and way of living. They were going to leave either way. Why didn’t he just let them leave geez. I hated Paul’s wife. She was such a doorknob. They had no right to kill them. Just let them leave and fend for themselves.
Too much “mystery” and no actual explanation as to what is going on and why. The characters were lame too. I couldn't care about them. Paul's family were awkward and none of the couples matched any chemistry with each other. Thumbs down!
michael phelps
Man i didnt get it cept for the fear of the unknown and each other
Christina Kambani
WAIT A SEC. Nothing about keys being on the counter was ever shown, or mentioned in the movie. The keys were worn by the father as a necklace the entire time. This means that Travis couldn't have snatched them away from him without waking him up. And without the keys, you can't open the red door. I know people try to explain it by assuming that the keys can only lock the door from the outside, but that doesn't make any sense at all. I mean, look at the scene where the father explains the rules. He clearly says that the red door remains LOCKED at night and that he has the only pair of keys. If the keys had nothing to do with the door being locked, why would he put them in the same sentence and make such a big deal of it? However, when the two families discuss the opening of the door, no one mentions anything about keys. This means that it made perfect sense to them that the door was opened without the keys. What does that mean? Is it a huge logical fallacy? It's literally the only thing that doesn't make sense in the movie. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
Why do I need to learn about the director's personal life to understand the movie? It was boring and the characters' actions didn't make sense.
this movie is pure propaganda. fucking chooses an interracial family and portrays himself as a little black boy, but he is really a racist white trash. fucking SJW cunt needs to fuck off his liberal high horse. hollywood needs to quit promoting interracial propaganda, it's not fucking funny anymore. these libtards are just getting more pathetic. we don't need forced diversity in movies.
Swish switch, bish!
All I know is I'm never watching another movie from this asshole director
Silver Metallic
I'll watch part two if there is one. OK movie
Silver Metallic
I thought hard to figure out how Travis got sick at the end and I came up with this.... Travis found the little boy in his grandpa room which was off limits because grandpa was fully sick before his death which leaves his room contagious, so that lead to the younger boy to become sick and also Travis.
People need to judge things for what they are and not what they expect them to be
LOOOOOOL you spoiled Dheepan for me. That came outta nowhere. oh well
Hey keep it up !! I don't no if you remember me but a while back I asked you if you would ever do daily vlogs ?
Rigo Cris
good movie
Steve Butler
shIT comes at night! This movie spewed out of him alright!
So Travis knew he was infected? I thought maybe he was sleepwalking and didn't remember leaving the door open.
Claire Livingston
I saw this movie cause my friend wanted to and straight up don't remember what happened idea. I blocked it out I guess? Weird.
Joshua Grey
This movie was an abortion. I went into this expecting a character piece, much less a drama with horror elements. It was far, far worse than that. The father was a complete douchebag, who never did a single human, or loving, or redeeming thing. By the end, I was hoping something bad would happen to him. When it did, I LAUGHED.
The Laughing FoxX
"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Francisco Goya
The Laughing FoxX
I thought this film was brilliant. Don't have expectations if you went in expecting something. Just go in open. The fear worked on me. But the ending was a little abrupt I thought. Overall, great film.
this video was definetly informed by this article right? ;)
What a Weirdo.
if we assume "it" is the virus, then saying it comes at night could be reference to Travis's nightmares.
Dariusz Zaremba
Funny how I went to the cinema to watch a baby driver, but because I was late I ended up crossing the red door and watching a psychological horror about taking risks on an uncertain option.
The grandpa had his own room. It was the room travis found Andrew in.

Also why would the father so carelessly leave the keys on the counter? The father's personality is very overly cautious so that's literally the opposite of what he would do. I think a more plausible answer is that the door can be unlocked from the inside and only needs keys if you're on the outside.
So why did Andrew get up go to grandpas room lie on the floor and then when woken ask where am I?
It's a brave choice by a director who doesn't have the skill or experience to pull it off.
Then don't name it It Comes at Night.
Splash'n'Skillz #37
the fear is so much that it get's ridiculous
Nicholas R.
I saw this in theatres. But never watched the trailer. Purposefully. As suggested by Chris Stuckman. Thanks! I personally enjoyed it and the lack of any actual "Monster" did not bother me or take away from my experience. However, there are two parts that are a bit misleading. One, is the expression on the son's face when he stops after chasing his dog off into the woods. The boy stops and is shown with a look of complete terror and confusion. And i don't think it was from the prospect of danger, it seemed more as if he really saw "Some thing". Also later the same boy is shown drawing with charcoal pencils. He again has a look of terror on his face as he sketches a pair or group of shadowy figures. But his dad next to him in the same room does not address this at all!? The drawing however could be attributed to the "dream" he had of creeping into the woods with a lantern at night alone. And there it seems as if he sees or at least senses something is near. I can't wait for the bluray to rewatch it and try and pick up on more subtle imagery or clues.
A24 copy right claimed my video. Reviewed It Comes At Night with fair use. Used parts of the trailer. The parts were edited and had no sound for the most part. I talked over the visuals to give my opinions. Please remove the copyright claim, A24. Tweeted and messaged you, waiting for a response.
A24 copy right claimed my video. Reviewed It Comes At Night with fair use. Used parts of the trailer. The parts were edited and had no sound for the most part. I talked over the visuals to give my opinions on the film. Please remove the copyright claim, A24.
I also thought the title could refer to the nightmares coming at night
Jim Stewart Cohen
Great movie, great explanation. Terrible marketing! It's on par with The Witch, or Goodnight Mommy with the bad trailer vs great movie. Enemy is another great movie you should watch but stay away from trailers!
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