Ken H
Why does the guy on the left sound like Anthony Bourdain?
S Scott
I enjoyed this movie and kind of admired that they avoided the supernatural/zombie element. I found it to be quite scary especially when shit flies off the handle at the end. People REALLY hated it. So weird that people thought they were cheated into watching a movie because they were expecting a zombie or some bs
Probably my poor attention span but individual reviews followed by a discussion may have been better as I don't have a great sense of your individual opinions.
I've just seen it and thought I liked it, but you may have convinced me otherwise.
Drain Bamage
This movie felt artsy for the sake of being artsy, but I think people who are not used to seeing slow burn or arthouse movies are going to like it. However, although I enjoyed the subtle exposition and great cinematography, it didn't click for me. And THAT ENDING. Oh boy was I disappointed!
ed hh
I just seen it, Travis is a young man who has mental illness. Kim asked when's the last time you slept? I think Travis is schizophrenic and also molested Andrew in his grandfathers room.
Totally whack. I had to stop the video at the 6 minute mark. This was a good movie. Atmospherically it was great, the lighting and how they filmed it was great, cast was great... and these comments... if you didn't leave this movie deeply questioning your own humanity and what lengths you would go to protect your family etc. then you clearly live in a happy bubble society and are incapable of putting yourself into the shoes of this movies characters long enough to appreciate this great movie.
d f
alright, lemme just say, I went online to find some answers, not because I'm some pleb but I had to watch with two separate conversations going in my theater and one guy sawing logs. I missed a bunch of clues and I've been trying to piece together what I missed. Stop being such trolls and insulting people who ask questions. People have opinions, they may be uneducated or uninformed. You don't have to like them. You don't need to express how someone is stupid for disagreeing with you or how stupid they are if they missed things. You don't have the context to make that judgement.

Good day.
I like this style for discussion. Would love to see more of it.
Do you have a spoiler free review?
Y'all 👏🏻 can't 👏🏻 review 👏🏻 movies 👏🏻
John Antal
Тhis mоооviе is nоw аvailablе tо wаtсh hеrе =>
675 Dreamer
Yea I kinda have to agree here. This movie had so much potential, I thought the interaction between the son and the girlfriend at the dinner table was going to lead into sort of internal conflict between the two families. I thought there would be some conflict between another group, I thought we would see some sort of monster, I thought that we would get a satisfying conclusion. We didn't get any of this, this movie is way to ambiguous to be enjoyed, and it setup some many great plot points that could've took us on an amazing ride, but in the end we were just left with a messy ending that could've been avoided by a little common sense. Although, I do believe that the original son was sleep walking, opened the door, found the dog and brought him back into the home.
C Zee
When a movie talks more about 'beautifully filmed' (which it was) you know you're in trouble. No pay off in this movie. It sucked!!!
You guys are the most nit picky people I've ever seen, just to sound smart in a dumb way.
Scottie Turner
I was going to watch this but you guys are literally too cringe so nvm
David R
if you watch closely every dream sequence had the film ratio tighter and closing in, during the scene where he sees the boy in the room it draws in and opens back up when the mom hold her daughter in bed and camera shifts to Travis with the lantern
Hannah Singleton
Coming from someone who has seen A LOT of scary/horror movies, I think this was very refreshing. The ending... well, it was horrible but I feel as if it was horrible on purpose. The directors wanted you to imagine answers to all of the unanswered questions, they wanted you to stay up late and think about what happened next, they wanted hundreds of people to make youtube videos explaining what the ending could mean. I highly suggest seeing this movie. Let your mind roam.
Curt Wedin
I liked the aspect ratios. For me, they made the scenes feel more claustrophobic and intense without being too distracting.
Riley Brown
i agree wit white shirt 100% the sexual tension was random and ended abruptly than will lied about having a brother & they never touched on that
Uncle Mikki Productions
"a NEW SHOW"- Sam Slade
Alec Wry
Movie sets up so many plot points that it just never delivers on. I get the movie was trying to be vague, but it never pays off on anything. Also, it's going for the "humans are the real villains in the apocalypse" thing, but the lead up to the climax was completely incidental. The dad seems paranoid, and it would have been interesting if they went along the same lines as 10 Cloverfield Lane and made him a psychopath. Instead, the climax confirms that the dad is right, the kid is sick, and the other family wants to leave with supplies. The movie could have been at least a little interesting if the family wasn't infected and the events played out the same way. Granted you never see the kid sick, but with the teenager getting sick at the end and the other dad telling his kid to keep his eyes shut i think it's a safe assumption. All in all the movie was okay. I think in the hands of a less technically proficient director/cinematographer it would have been utter garbage... then again in the hands of a more talented director it could have been good.
Robert Garza
The new format is great. As for the film, I'm gonna place all the blame for us going to see it on A24's trailer. Not only was it cut to seem like a horror movie, but it also contained a shot from every scene of note except the ending. Would have been a brilliant short if the whole thing was cut to 25 minutes. Seemed like a rehash of the best idea of 28 Days Later but without commitment. Getting us to think is one thing, but getting us to rationalize the ambiguity is something else. The opening sequence is both breathtaking and absolutely unearned.
Crowded House
So... his worst nightmares came true?
President of the United Muthafuckin' States
I was loving this movie until the ending. I did not realize that the climax of this film was the climax of this film. When the dog shows up outside the door, I thought to myself "oh boy, here we go. There's something out there and it's coming for them." Travis's nightmares/drawings, the dog barking, and the title made me think there was going to be something out in the woods, but there wasn't. The movie just ended. It Comes At Night.... where is the 'it'?
Fe H
I honestly thought it was one of the best movies of the year. The problem with this movie is the marketing. People were expecting the great reveal of "It." The movie provided me with all of the answers I was seeking. I didn't care to know what the origin of this plague like disease was because that's not the point of the movie. The cinematography is amazing, the acting is phenomenal (especially Joel Edgerton and Kevin Harrison Jr), the director knows what he's doing, and it has one of the best endings I've seen in a long time. The themes of the movie reflect on what lengths a father will go to in order to protect his family and the idea that sometimes people have to stop searching for hope where there isn't any. I found the movie to be stellar mainly due to how the structure revolves around the idea of losing somebody and not being able to truly move on from their death. This is new. Many movies have attempted to create a post-apocalyptic world, yet this is one of the few that succeed.
The Back of the Classroom
this is a movie where if you're positive or negative about it it is justifiable on both sides.
chiluka rajashekar
Watch It Comes at Night onlinе in hd quality hеeere =>
tom mclean
guy in white, future reference: stop talking over the other guy.
Recklessly Arrogant
This movie sucked !!!
Shirleen McFarland
I accidentally stumbled onto this discussion/review trying to find out what the actual f#*k the critics were thinking when giving this rave reviews. The only logical reason I can think of is none of the critics want to be the first to admit, "I don't know what just happened. That was sh*t!"

I think I get it... the red door symbolism (over played): security from the outside, no one's ever really safe, you can't trust anyone except your family, blah blah blah. The post apocalyptic gas masks: for an air born virus, that you contract by physical contact (???), that looks like leprosy and didn't seem to pose any real threat. The dream to real life sequences: are suppose to connect the concepts (?).

This movie had so much potential. Other than a tiny bit of gore and some chilling music, it had no place in the horror genre. There was a great cast and I thought it would have made an interesting, twisted, 'coming of age', type movie that I would have really enjoyed. Unfortunately, it didn't have any direction.

Now I'm left disappointed with a passionate need to anal punch Schultz. *sigh

On the bright side... because I disliked 'It Comes At Night' so much I found this post and subscribed :)
Terry Anderson
Guy on the viewers' left-hand side is a close minded, ugly moron.
Jesse Glick
Mystery, ambiguity and contradiction are the marks of great art
pas tesaffaire
Good movie really intense in emotion and fear but it not jumpscare! I really love that movie
Lord Lightskin
what happened to the dog and how did it get back into the house?
jack welsh
I think people have gotten used to crappy horror movies like the conjuring, so when compared a well made, thought provoking film such as this, people react negatively
Dan Rigsley
Will didn't have to point a gun at him and they could of just walk out with no drama.
I really enjoyed the movie because it was fun to watch and I'm really into post apocalyptic pseudo-realistic type movies like this one that use this situation as a way to create a pressurized situation through which you can develop the characters and really focus on the characters as the main focus of the story , (the last of us is one of the stories I most enjoyed in recent years) but this movie did something that is irritating to me and you guys touched on this A lot in your review which was that they created a lot of suspense and intrigue and interest over a bunch of plot points that never ended up going anywhere and were never explain which to me is just a copout, it's a way to avoid the criticism that the explanation wasn't good enough or that the ending was bad by simply leaving the viewer hanging which to me is not good storytelling. I wanted to see an explanation as to whether they actually came from a bigger group or not or if will actually had a brother or not or who open the door etc all those things for me are what you're waiting for as the viewer, u want to see the answer to those questions, that's what keeps your interest and there's nothing wrong with mystery but it's a copout to just leave the viewer hanging in the end. The plot strand about Travis lusting after wills wife also kind of didn't go anywhere and it could have created tension but never ended up leading to a conflict between him and will. There were all these things that had the potential to be interesting and to go somewhere and lead to satisfying twists and reveals and then they just didn't which to me was just not interesting in the end and unsatisfying when he created all this tension all this expectation and build up to want to know what happened who it was out there that the dog ran after and so on and then it just doesn't go anywhere, it just creates this conflict between the people and then everyone dies and you know there's nothing wrong with creating a sort of ambiguous ending that can be interpreted in different ways whether he had been sleepwalking the whole time or not but certain things need to be explained to a certain extent or let you as the reader decide between a couple different possibilities but just to leave everything completely up in the air is just very unsatisfying but what I did enjoy about it is that they created this world that they didn't have to explain to much about which I think is a good thing I don't think you should ever know where the virus came from or much about what's happening in the world outside of their little bubble that's all good the vibe was really good I really enjoyed watching the movie as I was watching it and The action in the violence is the kind of thing that I like to create in my stories, that I really enjoy which is really punchy really strong violent making that the violence in the action very impactful every blow leaves a mark very reminiscent to me of the last of us no country for old man and the revenant those kind of things so it's hard for me to not like the movie makes me want to see it again even though I know I'm gonna be disappointed in the end but It reminds me of the beginning of Alan week where they have a quote from Stephen King about how explanations are anti-thetical to the poetry of fear and how it's much better to leave it up to the the readers or the viewers imagination I can see that in a visual aspect in us in times of show the monster is anti climactic it's better to keep it in the shadows and have the viewerimagine it but this ending to me is just an overused version of that technique to be used as a cop out as a way to not have to really make much of an ending tired up the plot the main plot point of what happens to the families that everybody dies and not really have to answer any of their interesting questions that were posed throughout the movie
Carson Harmon
I'm a new viewer (who will subscribe ) and I am a fan of this format
Jose Manley
The lack of speaking didn't really bother me as much as the totally hanging plot points.
Nigel Rivers
I was a pretty big fan of this movie, but I loved this review/discussion! You guys just got a new subscriber.
Shane Mershon
All I can say after seeing this film is that the trailer was better than the movie. A24 films always have really good trailers! But I think it actually just backfired on them... I was expecting an ending at least similar to the witch with a demonic being or zombie or creature of some kind like the trailer led majority of people to expect instead of misleading people into a dragged out episode of a walking dead scenario where you don't even see any damn walkers the whole time and you anticipate exactly what's going to happen and at the the end you just sit there quite with everyone and just take a deep breath and forget you just spent money to lose 2hrs of your life
Andy Munoz
This movie was easy to figure out, the dreams were there to throw you off not knowing if it were reality or not. It's simple, he didn't dream about going out and finding his dog; it actually happened. He bought his dog back and got infected, then made up the story about finding the boy having a nightmare to explain why the door was unlocked.

I would elaborate more, but this was such a fun watch.... I was very confused at the end but with time it all came to me. AWESOME MOVIE.

I loved the reality of the film, you're constantly expecting a real monster or figure.... but it's very real and in tune with reality.
James Isaac Crouton
I like the way they teased and didn't answer everything, they were trying to do that and you two say it was predictable but yet you assumed they were going to answer all these questions for you... Ok guys, you obviously didn't pay attention to the movie and you obviously can't handle a movie that doesn't have a climax and have a happy ending.
Poetic Gangsta
This should of been a straight to dvd movie. U keep waitting for the "IT" comes at night but the biggest fail of this movie is the "IT" never comes.
Michael George
This about to be a long ass comment, but hear me out.

For a channel with very little subscribers, I was really impressed with this review.

That being said I disagree (still hear me out). I think the film's technical aspects compensated for the shortcomings of the story –– not the aspect ration, that drove me crazy as well, but I think the film was really tightly edited, had intriguing cinematography (lot of slow push ins to creep you into the movie), as well as a really really impressive sound design.

The first two acts really sold me. The film poses the question "at what point is life not worth living?" The dad is desperately trying to protect the idea of a normal life and at one point along the demolition of that do you declare this just isn’t worth it anymore. I like that. Quite a bit. However, as you guys mention have said, the film throws a lot in the air and rather than tying everything together in a really thrilling finale, the film ends with a lot of questions unanswered. And I love ambiguity in film, but here it just doesn't work. Questioning things that happen in the third act simply does not deliver as impactful an ending should the movie have given us some concrete answers.

That being said, I think this movie is more good than bad, I just wanted a stronger, more compelling ending.
Frederic Hodshon
wow - got have your shit tied up in a neat little package, huh?

i went in knowing nothing about it.

i thought the score was great, i got swept up in it - i enjoyed the mood,

can you starwars/disney over-analyze the hell out of it?

sure - and you succeeded.

your video was more annoying than Rogue One.
cheryl clark
this movie was garbage I want my money back.. first tell me how the dog got in a locked back door? how did the little boy get sick? the movie explained nothing...
Dylan Hollingsworth
What was this movie based on?
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