Mehret Gebrezgiabher
Because of these scammers thick accents who probably live overseas, I cant even trust talking to a customer service representative who has
Tiffany Wiley
Epic drag his scamming ass office
I wish I can find this cockroach and spit in his face he probably has that Indian moustache wearing disgusting smelly Indian rags that were woven by an old Indian loom with curry paste smeared on his shirt......
Dean Evangelista
If they ask for the cell phone number, give them the number for the IRS.
donny hud43987
lol, i get these calls too from these dirty cocksuckers! and always fuck with them as long as i could! indian sand niggers! fucking trash!!!! but.. i do feel bad for people that fall for this shit , like the elderly!!!
Kelly Martin
I find that answering the phone with "Telemarketing Fraud Complaint Center" stops these kinds of calls cold before they even start speaking.
Theunicronsociety2006 2
This guy is a moron they dont know how the law works they sever you with warrant papers first then arrest you or you can handle the issue at the court house after you get severed im surprised that they have scammed people.
marvin faulhaber
that is where i buy beer, at the bar
Jim Schowe
That idiot called me and told me he was going to put me behind the bars... hmmm maybe they serve a good beer behind the bars. Don't you wish that you could get your hands around their necks and give them a little squeeze?
Corey Matties
ya completely legit, cough cough
stefan urquel
does anybody know of a really long irs scammer call? this stuff is too funny! I wish they would call me. stay online to walk you through the money gram? Lose your job,? no lawyer for tax evasion? 9 years? enjoy your life in jail?
Cris Coulter
They are so fun to mess with.
Mark Santiago
How they got your real address?
Right off the bat the fact that guy says he's from the "US Dept. of Treasury" yet talks with a foreign accent to me is a red flag flying so high in the sky even a blind man could see it!
Janet Roberts
I love playing with these idiots. Last time I did not have time to play, hung up and the guy called back. I called him some choice names; he called back AGAIN and called me choice names. I hung up, and when he called still AGSIN I was ready with my very loud whistle I blasted right into the phone. I hope his ears are STILL ringing!
Sheesh. Almost as obvious as this scam:
Why can't you ask them, "WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB?" lol
Arrest? lol BRING IT ON! ha ha... I can't believe they are so dumb!
Dewey Overholt
Sounds like obama hired a lot of people to work for the IRS from India.
Giggity Giggity
Do these scammers not realise their accents are heavy Indian! Do they practice and then ask one of their mates If they sound American?
I love when these idiots get pissed when you're smarter then them. You're the one trying to commit fraud.
Nelly Seda-Donovan
I would say, sure come by, I am making cookies...LoL
Paul West
When Abu from the 'Treasury Office' in Washington DC calls, you know you're in deep shit. Hopefully he'll give you 'one last chance' to pay through a money gram. This attorney was very fortunate.
Swiper Fox
the police are on the way now... from Bangladesh(????)... by rowboat.
ChefP 147
The warrant will be sent out as soon as I hang up but the police are on their way now as we speak. WTF??
Sky Widows
7:11 Stop the what? The war?
Scott Humphreys
We all know an ordinary person with half a brain can figure out this is a scam right away. Even an attorney can figure it out eventually, if he asks enough questions.
IRS = India's Retarded Scammers.
That was a good one i like how the fuck with the joker
I would a smart ass and told the sucker come arrest me
Richard Adkins
They same people's from the irs
Wow he sounds exactly like the guy that called me the other day
grabber 5.0
Wow this guy called me today and said the exact same thing

This is the number
Theresa Andrade
Why has he not been caught yet, this guy is the same guy who called me about a grant.
John Last
"Sorry", "O Kay"
" do you have this kinda of fun?" in stupid indian accent !! at least how to speak properly
Ash Marie
My financing professor told us and everyone he teaches that the IRS will always always always send you mail instead of calling you.
Prince Fagtanan
Moneygram doesnt accept tax payments. This stinky indian has no idea of what a wiretransfer is. Illiterate bitsch πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
They got your information from a phonebook.
bsjsns jsjsnus
His accentπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ stupid Indian
mother fucking indians, bangli, paki people
Habib will take word on sending mail Yes Yes.
Jose Arguijo
Fukrs knew address that's what gets me pissed
Darrell Larose
I would have asked the scammer when are the cops getting here, so I can put on some coffee and get some donuts for them...
Gotta love this guy's persistence. Even when the whole things blown he just keeps up the facade till the very end. Usually they get agitated when they realize you are toying with them and begin cussing at you but you got to hand it to this guy for not losing his cool.
service dogs gone wild
so is anyone wondering if anyone ever came to his door ? lol!
Zeynab Uthman
This is just...idiotic. How does anybody ever fall for this crap? Seriously this is absolutely ridiculously stupid. He's so clearly lying it's insane.
Dan Jones
If I ever was called about this I would totally f### with them
Janet Baker
They tried this on me and I immediately called my accountant who told me it was a scam then I picked up the phone and immediately called my senators office and asked what they knew about it. The receptionist said she knew all about it, to just ignore it and I asked are you not doing something about it and she said no. What are we supposed to do to protect ourselves from this crap!? What are old people who know no better supposed to do to protect themselves? I thought there were government agencies watching out for this kind of thing where are they?
That person Melanie
Wow I feel like 99% of scammers I have seen have had heavy accents
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