Spike Hyzer
So many wrong things in this video. It only takes 24 hours to show symptoms
mike renza
Could of been a great movie if ther was more to it and it came together and made sense.good acting.really nuthing to it
JIGSAW 4 EVER c geoffrey
I'm 1 of those folks that due love the ambiguity of this movie. Unlike other possible things that tell you the end result of something, like say, a zombie creating virus or maybe some biological mutation created due to whatever going around killing everyone.
This is a thinking person's horror movie that revolves more around what people might think & do in a stressful situation without telling you the total and result about the what of what it is causing the stress
Sam Hoefnagel
okay this may be a very late comment but i've got one thing that kind of still bothers me after watching this video. when Travis had a "dream" about his dog in the woods you could hear a baby crying and im just so damn confused, idk if anyone else heard it or not but idk maybe someone has some cool theory?
A-Cash Money
I honestly thought this movie was great. I don't see how anyone thought this was bad.
Steff R.
Travis sleepwalks in my opinion, he found the dog and brought him back home, but doesn't remember. He infected everyone by touching the dog. The kid was just being a kid, exploring the house and ending up sleeping in another room.
Shawn Cicione
Say film one more time...
John P M
Jesse Stover
He was just having nightmares and either slept walked outside to find his dog or lied about going outside and blamed it on the boy thinking they'd just kick them out. Sleep walking virus!! Man what a dumb explanation. The father also said the virus shows signs in 24 hours so that debunks you explanation.
Cunt Head
I honestly don't think it can be explained. I think the people who made the movie got confused themselves and were just like "fuck it, let's just release it anyway".
joshua laday
you burn virally infected bodies because it kills the virus. Sooo
no... just no...
Lee Darklighter
As many others have said here is what I think. This movie fucking sucked. Secondly, everyone is infected. The virus just takes longer to kill some.
Mike Bill
Also the idea that Kim actually kissed Travis wouldn't make much sense as he wakes with none of the black tar on him anywhere. Unless as hes sleepwalking he decides to take a shower?..
Mike Bill
Another thing that bothers me is why the hell didn't they quarantine the grandfathers room...why were they still walking around that potentially infection ridden room?
all these analysis vids have been exactly the same. like everyone got these themes. pick out something a bit different. sick of the same copy past analysis. whit zero analysis
Antonio Jaaziel Chahin Babun
I think its pretty obvious that what comes at night is the virus (probably ppl sleep walking as well), they always wear the mask just at night, and when they know there is an infected person, they probably burn the body cuz is much easier and faster than digging hole, they cant leave the bodies laying around or the desise will spread, my guess is that travis probably whent looking for the dog while sleep walking thats why the door was opened, there no real evidence that support humans becoming vicious and savage because of the disease. Everything else i think ison point, this vid helped me understand the film better :p
Imperial stats
mpone affirmations
sleepwalking? I wish I was 17 again to enjoy these type of movies
Jim the Hermit
Sleep-walking killer virus! I would've never guessed. "It" could've been the clown that lives in the sewer for all I know.
PhantomPlayz Gaming And Vlogs
Most of your theory makes sense, there is however, 1 crack in the story. Andrew (The young son) was found by Travis (The older son), in his Grandfather's room, he says so when the families meet and ask what happened, so, Travis did not sleep next to his grandfather. I believed the other bed to be for the dog.
PhantomPlayz Gaming And Vlogs
Most of your theory makes sense, there is however, 1 crack in the story. Andrew (The young son) was found by Travis (The older son), in his Grandfather's room, he says so when the families meet and ask what happened, so, Travis did not sleep next to his grandfather. I believed the other bed to be for the dog.
Dante Ferrise
I HATED THIS MOVIE IT WAS SOOOO SLOW AND IT HAD ZERO TO DO WITH ANY MONSTERS OR ZOMBIES THAT "COME AT NIGHT". The acting was great and it was a realistic look at a zombie apocalypse but thought it took sooooo long for anything to happen!!!
Jeffy Jeffy
John enx
You overthink it, there was no explanation since there is a big hole in the plot, the film has nice atmosphere but story wise was a big fail, who opened both doors? who let the dog in? and who unlocked the red door? only Paul had keys, also the scene with the tar didn't happen.... I'm pretty sure that if it did happen afterwards she wouldn't wipe his mouth clean..
Faust Girl
I dont think the dog was barking at an infected human, the sickness seems to kill people slowy and painful I believe the Dog barked and went crazy because the dog was also infected by Bud, The dog probally also suffered from fever dreams and was seeing things that werent there
Green Floyd
The whole story and universe of the movie puts a theme of "maybe the human race will not survive this." But I have my doubts. I know Edgerton's character kept asking if there was anything that Will has seen, any last hope like a military or government still out there. I would believe the human race would survive this virus realistically, even though it's completely unnatural and could be some kind of extraterrestrial virus. Seeing this universe expanded upon would be great and more details about the virus would be nice, not just looking at people's hands or nails for symptoms, because here it seems like people can have it for weeks or months before showing symptoms which might be the killing blow to humanity in terms of total society collapse.
Amara khan
waste of time and money... not a single point was clear
Thanks. Your explanation made me like the film a bit more, but it was too bleak for me to enjoy.
Brilliant analysis! Kudos! Loved it.
Genre Online
I think they burned the body of of the father to kill the virus and keep it from festering and possibly passing on the infection to anything since we saw animals can get infected. Though I don't think we see it, I felt it is heavily implied that when they take the two bodies of the men who attacked them, Joel Egerton's (spelling?) character appeared to dig a ditch and look at the two bodies that fell facing each other like father and son. Foreshadowing the doom to come. I also think off screen he burned the bodies. I got distracted during this moment so I may have missed the flame. Not sure about the creatures idea. I think any lethal pandemic like virus could cause madness and violence, but what are the signs of reanimation? Sleepwalking is a long step away from raising the dead. I am not sure the virus is sentient either. This noted though, my thoughts are not attacks on your theory. You may be right and my observations thus far may be wrong. Your theory was certainly intelligently well thought out and articulated. There are some esoteric images in the film related to the apocalypse, which actually means when all is revealed. Perhaps that is the reason why in the New Testament, they refer to John's book as The Book of Revelation. I definitely think you are right about the ruthlessness of human nature when faced with a situation that threatens their lives and I think you could say it is the cold pragmatism of the family in the beginning that ultimately leads to their doom because of s lack of compassion. Ironically in zombie horror, while the dead are always a threat, it is often the living that are more dangerous and because of the dog eat dog (no pun intended) nature of the genre, very often the Dead overwhelm the living because of the living' inability to work with each other. This can be seen in Romero's Dead series as well as on The Walking Dead though like s force of nature, a heard of thousands of walkers do not need human inability to work with each other in order to overwhelm the living. The disease is definitely like a force of nature regardless of where it came from. Anyway, thanks for posting your thoughts and be safe. πŸ˜‰
Steve Butler
You can try to explain away this artsy fartsy slurry of maggot chum and turd peanuts, but the director trolled every watcher of this rubbish! I distinctly remember seeing a bad to the bone looking monster in the promotional marketing stills of the movie! He marketed this crap as a monster movie. Its even worse than the time you learned halfway through the village that those monsters were fake....except for you at least get to see the dang suits! Screw this. I waited for like a yr and a half to see this thinking id see that bad monster again but NOPE. Eat a turd director
Best interpretation yet
Nicole Afonso Alves Calistri
I'm here just to say that movies like this are the true peak of the human potential!

I mean, they get people to understand external experiences (things that they see) through different perspective! and look at these comments! Cleaver, bringing dialogue and debate - no argument, nor rudeness. Everyone willing to share their opinion and read other's!

Everything from the contextualisation of the amazing work made by a great team that coined this piece of art. I love it so so much! Thank you everyone! Love the video and all the theories below.
Granddad had his own room the extra bed was for the dog
Jennifer Parker
I can guess who opened the red door, but WHO OPENED THE LOCKED OUTER DOOR??? Only the dad had a set of keys to that door...
Karol Chroscicki
How did the dog get in the house? There are two doors/stages to get in and only the father had the keys.
Look, I appreciate you giving your opinion on what the movie was trying to say, but the movie was a piece of trash regardless. It wasn't clever. It wasn't one of a kind. All of the performances were easily forgettable. And the plot was straight up trash. Me and three buddies and a pick up truck could have recorded a film better than this.
Fletch K
I like your explanation on the dog barking, however you do not explain who or what opened the red door.
Jennifer Jordan
This explanation was the best one I watched so far and makes sense in my mindπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Logan Simpson
So I just saw this movie tonight and heres what I think. I think that there are a lot of possible explanations, and I think that that is exactly what the director/filmmakers wanted. I think that the whole problem with them all getting sick was the dog. The dog was the grandpas dog, and the grandpa was the first person to get infected. I think that the dog got it, but because it was a dog, was able to hold the disease for longer. This would explain why the dog for 1. Lays down and sleeps for much of the movie when its indoors, instead of walking around like most dogs 2. Would explain why it sounded like the dog had problems breathing 3. Would explain how the grandpa contracted the disease 4. Would explain why the dog was barking at nothing in the woods. I do not think that the "It" in this movie is a monster, although it could be. I think that it is a disease, and one that affects the brain more than anything else. I think that the dog gave the disease to Travis as well. I have proof of this because 1. Travis never wore a mask around the dog, and although they all shared a house together, Paul and Sarah always had a mask on near the dog, whether it was in the house or out. 2. This would also be why Travis was the first one to get infected. So now well move on to the other family that comes later in the film. I dont think that any of them were infected until they all went in the house together, but I do think that Will was lying about alot. For example, he claims he has a brother, then later states that it was his wifes. He also says he travels for 80 miles and sees nothing, yet when they just start traveling they already encountered survivors. Also, they burnt the grandfather, which made a lot of smoke, so if he saw this, how did he think that the house was abandoned? Now, Travis in his dreams. He saw his grandpa, because like I said, I think the disease is very mental. I think he knew he was sick, and the dreams were just trying to get him to stop denying it. He didnt believe that he was because he thought that there was no possible threat, because it was just his family. Now, once the dream comes along where Kim comes into his room and kisses him, and leaks the goo into his mouth, I think had many reasons. It was clear that Travis had some sort of feelings for her already, as it was a female that wasnt his mother, and hes 17. I think that that was why she kissed him in his dream, but she spit the goo into him because the disease wanted him to know that he was sick. He also only started coughing up the blood once the possibility of a threat had gotten in. I think that this was when the disease started to take control of him. When his dog started barking at nothing and ran into the woods, Travis followed. He claims that he heard something, and maybe even saw something, but no one else heard or saw anything. This is when the disease got into his head. There was no monster, he imagined it. Now, for the most confusing question that I am still clueless about. Who opened the door? I do not think that it was Andrew, and I do not think that it was Wills family as they were sleeping. Nobody knows how long the door had been open though. This is what confuses me the most. So leaving the thought of who opened it, this is the one part that seems to go against my idea, and hint that there may be a monster. 1. The red door was open. But that led to another room, and so for the dog to get in, somebody had to open the other door. 2. When Travis goes to the door, there is a slight jumpscare, where we dont see what he sees, if he even sees anything. We just hear it. Was that the dog that made that sound? Was that a monster/creature? He doesnt stay for long enough before waking people up and telling them that theres somebody in the house. 3. The dog is laying on the floor. If my theory is true, or if the other theories are true, how did the dog go from being able to move, but light and skinny to being as damaged as he was in that short of an amount of time? The disease takes 24 hours to show symptoms, but how do they know this.If they are going off of what happened with the grandpa, then that isnt reliable. The grandpa is older, so his immune system would be weaker. Maybe it takes 24 hours so show up on him, but it could be different for everyone. 4.The dog is laying down in a room, on the floor. The floor is flat, so how did the blood drip down? It wouldve gone in a puddle around him, not down. And judging by the way the blood on the floor went from the body, the dog couldnt have scooted up and had a bloodstream like that, leading me to think that maybe theres more than a disease here, which could be why Travis heard something. Maybe tho monster only attacks the infected. But then who opens the door, and opens the other one, stays while the dog comes in, which judging by the sounds heard when Travis goes towards the door(assuming it was the dog making those noises) it definitley sounded hostile. SO WHO OPENED THE DOOR!? I dont know. Why Andrew was in Grandpas room is another strange thing, but maybe he had sleptwalked. Or since he was younger and wouldve contracted the disease much quicker, plus doesnt have a mask, maybe he got the sickness from Travis. Maybe he had the dream with grandpa like Travis did, but couldnt find his way back to the room, and had been pulled from the sickness to grandpas room. Thats why I think he was there, and also why Will tells him to keep his eyes closed and you never see his hand after that, which is supposedly where the first signs are. In the end, Travis dies, and so does Wills family, and Paul and Sarah are left knowing their horrible fate. Its like the ending to the MIST all over again. Anyways, let me know what you think, and I thought this movie was definitley one of the best movies I have seen.
Jacob Pesek
Travis was sick from his grandpa the whole time, the other family wanted to leave because they were finally figuring out that Travis was sick. The first dream sequence shows Travis going into his grandpas room and his grandpa is throwing up, this is where Travis first became sick. He could of also became sick from the dog who must've gotten infected in the woods and another dream sequence occurs where Travis is outside at night and the dog is barking which would imply that Travis brought the dog back to the house.
Alex L.
I dont think Will and his family was sick at all, because Paul did state that it takes 24 hours for the virus to show signs of infection. It was trevor who was sick all along and got the family sick when he went out into the woods to look for his dog, and it was him that opened the red door and carried the dog back inside. Plus, Will's wife clearly stated that the locks were FARR too high for little andrew to reach, thus he couldnt be the one that has opened the door. Will did tell Paul to take off the mask because no one is infected when he had em at gunpoint, and he told his lil boy to shut his eyes just
in case things get out of hand and he doesn't want his son to see his dad shoot someone. And to clarify as to why they want to leave that house? It's either because truth issues got out of hand, or Andrew is crying because he is scared of the family for blaming him for something he didn't do, but I think the best clarification is Will's family knowing that Trevor can be a huge risk due to his sleep walking and decided to leave on their own accord to protect themselves. (obviously, because Andrew probably doesn't sleep walk, he's just a kid who got tired playing and fell asleep on the floor). Let me know what you think!
Kay D
Best explanation I've seen so far.
Jason Wang
Great analysis!
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