IRS phone scammer gets owned but doesn't hang up - admits he loves his job!

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Dani Girl goes after the IRS scammers currently targeting Hawaii, with epic performance. When she finally calls him out he surprisingly doesn't hang up, check out how he responds. 

Same guy calls to try a credit card scam- this time he gets super nasty!

Beware this number: 305-515-8392 is an irs scam

Scam baiting
IRS Phone Scam

Queen Of Darkness Gaming
lol the circus? XD
bsjsns jsjsnus
Feel proud????? Lololol go take a shower in the sewers
Emi Corn
The acting πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Emi Corn
His name sounds like jackass.....hmmm what a jackass trying to use a fake name
Good acting you sold him with the acting
Alex Pol
hello i am from india ,,its quite shame that few people ruin our country pride ,, our state police last month closed down more thn 13 fake irs /teach support, card service call centre but they r like virus ,,one guy rent a room ,appoint few people and it again started .. diffrence between ths guys and most of the indian that yes india has poverty,, most indian work hard ,, get less money nd ths guys work less nd want to earn moooooore money so they love to steal people .. one suggestion for every friend if any indian scammer calls u ,,ask him one question ,, ARE YOU GANDU OR CHUTIYA ? gandu nd chutiya is indian slung word ,, gandu mean who dont know how to f**k ,,, nd chutiya mean idiot/dickhead/asshole ... never give them money ,,give them right treatment .. love and hug from india .....
The Goathouse
Excellent scambaiting!!! 🀘🏻🐐🏑🀘🏻
Wouldn't you like to beat the fuck out of them. And they wonder why no one likes them. If you ever traveled you'll find their pains in the asses around the world too.
What is 1 805 phone numbers I get them
Rocio Martinez
I got a call this morning from these scumbags. They threatened to arrest me in my home and to suspend my license. Same Indian accent as well. I knew something was up when they said they sent an officer to serve me through court at a wrong address. I got angry they really are con artists. They deserve to get a law suit because this is beyond stressful and disgusting. I hung up on them. And I called back but it's crazy they didn't answer after. They some how called back from my local police station. I just kept saying hello and pretended to not hear them. They kept saying hello in the indian accent. I started to watch YouTube videos. Now I see that these a**holes get away with these scams.
Adil Shaikh
Still this fucker are running center in indian
Sir N
Most of these calls originate from Pakistan. Wish they would call me. I want to have some fun. Besides that you have to be pretty stupid to fall for their scam and think the government allows you to pay your taxes via third party gift cards.
Eman Yerr
indians.....what do you expect?
Mihir Panchal
It's soo funny they don't even know who they are talking to or know your number but they know you owe money to the IRS πŸ˜‚??
Pabitra Dhamala
Why all of them are from Indian... like is this all of those people do.???😧😧
Mohammed Arqam
Most of them got arrested from Mira Rd Mumbai
I used to live there in Mira rd πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I still visit there
People are calling from Homes to u people to get Dollars 😏
That's why I don't pick up any random calls
Eddy Aurahim
I press the like button and I like everything except the beeeeb I wanted to hear the words I would enjoy it
corinthia peters
They are full of bs try something new
wonderful acting
Jason Gomez El Hoee
Omfg he joined the circus and leftπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Saad Al Zarooni
Bruh this is the guy that ownage pranks talked to
Jack Harris
Oh god he used my name
Devvie Beetch
It's like he's reading a script πŸ˜‚
Beaner Land
Thank you for wasting that dipshits time you saved 10 thousand people's lives
A Waffle Iron
I recently got a phone, and I got a call from a number like this. He told me I had owed the IRS money from 2004-2008. So, he asked me to pay money. I told him I don't have a bank account. I said, "I never had the time to create one." So, he said for me to get a gift card. I told him the code was - I wasn't born until 2003. And he said, well then why are you still calling me fuckwad? I told him that he shouldn't be proud of what he's doing. Then, I muted myself and acted like I hung up. I heard him say, "Man, we need to update our numbers. Scamming is hard nowadays." And I unmuted myself and said, "You admitted on tape that you scam. Good job mate, you are an asshole." Then he hung up. I had the police involved and everything.

This was a shitty comment lmao
I'm tired of hearing Indians scammers !!
ItZ Wolfie
The circus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ deadass
Diamond Princess
I have no clue how anyone that is not psychotic no matter where in the world they are from can go to bed and get up doing this to people.
FUCK OFF SCAMMERS I don't mean on u guys
Tony Jax
next time just call them "Snake head" they hang up straight away because that is the secret call name of their police hq!
One of the other YouTubers who made a video calling these fake pieces of shit, the dumb Indian fuck actually was laughing about 9/11 & threatened to come bomb California & all this shit once he was confronted about scamming people. All these nasty disgusting fucks should burn in hell.
These pieces of SHIT!
Erick Doyle
duka duka duka
A Second look w/STEPHANIE Channel
He's not a human being!
Firstly,Im an Indian...Most of the youths here after completing their school life are getting into this Fake Call centres to make some money as part time jobs.I say it not a bad idea doing part time jobs but I dont kbow why peope have forgotten that this is all scam and this is actually bad.These people are just using fake names and getting money in the name of job replacements,computer software and etc.The police and the local people's are aware of this companies yet are not taking any actions.So people please do cross before confirming.Ask for the organisation's website and verify it.
Jordon R
I had to deal with one scammer through out this week. Dude kept calling me and wouldn't back off.
the irs rounds off what a putz
Keifone The Great
Did she say Cumbags or scumbags? whatever she said I think I have cumbags hanging between my legs.
Steven Katz
Talk about bombing there asses next time and if they cook marshmallows on there brothers chard body
round of applause to the lovely actress!!! you tell em lass!!!!
Will Williams
Indians are the scum of the fucking earth. All they do is scam people. Worthless shit heads. Get a real job pumping gas or something.
David Chavez
She should have led him on a wild goose chase...
Prashant Singh
these mother fucker defame india....
Admiral Preparedness
I stand and salute you my dear!!

I have a spare fixed line and I set up my fax machine to call the number back until I tell it to stop. They answer and hear the tone code. Since they hang up, it redials. If they don't pick it up, it still dials back. Most numbers are disconnected since they cannot call out using that number. Burn!!
sammy styre
Dude sounds Indian.
Ashleigh Annie
I got one of these calls and I was terrified. I had no idea the IRS wouldn't contacts you by phone first so I almost gave them money. Thankfully I was able to text my mom while on the phone and she told me it was a scam but OMG it was awful! The guy who was the "supervisor" asked if I had a criminal lawyer and when I said no he laughed and said that I had better get one. HE LAUGHED! I hope karma plays the ultimate bitch for him.
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