just to expand on my thoughts from this movie review since this is one of those movies that will divide people. spoilers ahead.
As a counter point to YMS. (though ive not yet seen his opinion, I have seen the 86% fresh rating on RT with a 47% audience score) The movie attempts to explore lots of side plot points but only does each one extremely fleeting. Paranoia - was Will lying about not knowing the 2 men that ambushed them? Who cares. Not explored. Desire - the teenage boy desires the wife of Will. Who cares. Not Explored, used cheaply for a nightmare scare trope. Danger/Loss - Travis's Dog runs off randomly barking only to return infected, just about the biggest trope in horror used weakly. What was he after? Who cares. Not Explored. Tragedy - Did they need to kill Will's family, knowing they were likely infected already? This was a well done point at the end - leading to a "dark ending". But its extreme slow pace, its unwillingness to commit to any one idea for long and its ultimate lack of explanations or pay off ring hollow. The idea has been done far superior without the plodding pace. A lack of substance and handling aspects with subtlety isn't a replacement for being profound or a "thinking-mans" film. Its just boring in this case, minus a few good scenes, trust me.
lindy Dowhaniuk
When the dog see’s something in the woods the dog trainer is standing behind a tree in a clean green jacket. How are people not seeing this?
Alejandro Maselli
The movie kinda felt like when an essential character dies in an rpg mid quest so you get no resolution
Paul G.
Wtf happened to the dog???
Aloma Benito Valriu
Look up the term "post-horror"
the top 10 everying
This movie is a joke really why make it
you sir saved me several hours for 20 minutes kudos
Shawn M.
He's right! It was a thinker and a stinker!
Alec Jacobs
Am I the only one who's audio cuts out when lil joe talks? Can't hear him.
Adam Tatti
Here’s the problem with modern audiences: They want every question answered for them. They don’t want to think, they don’t want to theorize, they just want answers. They don’t have fun coming up with unanswered questions for themselves. Don’t say it’s stupid because not everything is answered. The idea of movies like this is the fact that you’re gonna have to come up with your own answers. Audiences have lost their imagination.
Trey Cooper
Why do people come here for movie reviews? lol this guys a joke
Trey Cooper
"This is one of those films that CRITICS would really like ha ha ha"....yes Joe people who enjoy and appreciate the art of filmmaking like this film.
Colin Tran
Horrible movie! Just watched it. What comes at night? Still can't figure it out. On my top 5 worst movies
Psn Newdreadhead
cad80 24
why do these whining bitches need to have everything explained and leave nothing to mystery. what does it ad to the movie if you know what happened to the world and what the disease is that killed everybody, and who those people are and where they lived, and what jobs they had. the movie was about a family trying to survive during an apocalypse like the Road where they also do not explain anything. but these pc gaming nerds need to have everything explained in movies and games or else they get bored. it think they are just butt hurt because they expected to see a scary movie, and it ended being a drama movie. personally i liked the movie and without the misleading title, pc bitches like this wouldn't be whining and would be watching their Mummy movie
Boarder Line Sk8 Media
Nothing came at night.... shit-tastic movie. I felt like this movie was an experimental film to make the viewer feel hopeless and anger. Total shit, I can not understand why this movie made it to the theaters. Horribly disappointed in this film.
Coming from the guy who could not understand why critics thought Suicide Squad was bad...HyperLuL
Henkjan Steringa
I actually liked this movie. They shouldn't have called it a horror movie though.. more survival/mystery.
Jamie Carter
This cunt is cancer
Jorge Anderson
Joe movie reviews suck, he has no taste in movies.

The trailers were misleading yes but the movie was great
Nate Sotello
You didn't pay attention to the movie.
Oz Man
It comes at night... But its also around during the day.(true title)
WHAT! A film that makes me think. This sucks!
Ben Tyrrell
"it builds to nothing" 3 people died as well as the main character and the possible suicide of the parents.... but I guess that's nothing to taco joe
Street Skater 66
I just watched 5 mins of this film and turned it off. Then i came here to have my decision confirmed. Thanks guys.
Prophet 111
just watched it...omg what a shit bomb...i was so pumped well i watched it and then i was left thinking "why did i just waste an hour and a half of my life..."
Phil Young
Don’t beat around the bush. It was horrible. A horrible horrible movie that ends... just horrible... if I could go back and time and do anything with my life during that 1.5 hours I would. Cleaning my kitchen wold have been mote entering and would have at least had an ending. A fucking clean kitchen...
Christopher Harris
Although I was really expecting that this would be a far more angrier review, it was spot on. I was fortunate enough to see this piece of crap for free, and wasn't too angry over the fact that I wasted my interest and time with it. While the acting was done pretty well, the story ended up being a 90 minute tease throughout the film. Just as you think you're about to get more invested in the film, the rug is pulled from underneath you and the director points and laughs at you for being a gullible fool. I'm really getting tired of Hollywood using these gloomy "horror-esque" films filled with the typical dreary color graded editing style and selling it as an "arthouse" masterpiece, when it's nothing but an incomplete story filled with tropes, plotholes and does everything to make its audiences feel pretty stupid for thinking that there was something intelligent with this film. Fuck this film AND the director who managed to get this piece of trash green-lit. Note to Hollywood: Audiences aren't as gullible and stupid as you think they are.
I just watched the movie...Honestly just a waste of time, the movie makes you think there's going to be some kind of scare some kind of horror element...but...nothing just nothing..
Dchardinay Cole
Hated this movie! They lied to us
Jason English
I like the echo in the room....
Nightfall is Coming 33
Not a damn thing came at night. Waist of money bitches!
M'aiq The Liar
Summary: 3/10 would never watch again.
Holy fuck I just watched this boring pile of shit. Complete waste of time, I fucking torrented it and it was still not worth it. Joe said literally everything I thought about the film so I won't rant too much. Even still, if any critics say this is anything higher than 3/10 under the pretense of "philosophy"or some "psychological" bullshit, I just do not agree, if that was what it was going for it fell flat. I feel that title is undeserved, and it seems misleading, not clever. P.S. If you leave a offended/defensive response, please take a stale cookie on your way out.
Infinity Wolf
The movies sucks
Conducting a choir over here
Alittle too much talking with the hands for me lol
Andrew Field
Baseball Fury
this movie reminds is pretty much day z the game
it was suspenseful at points but the ending was a letdown and i felt robbe
Harvey Jones
there's something genuinely depressing about someone saying that this movie is worth a 3 and that Suicide Squad is worth an 8
Axel Castillo
The point of the movies is to have the same feeling of paranoia and uncertainty that the characters have during the film. The movie is great but it has a serious problem of misleading marketing that treats it like a horror/zombie film. Which is not.
Also : "The mummy better than it comes at night" What???
Norwegian Bleach
MY fooking god, guees i won't se the Mist
Mo _
So you want the director to tell you everything, you don't like to think for yourself. I'm a fan but you guys are way off this is my favorite movie this year. "It" can be fear, paranoia, nightmares. Sorry guys this is a genius movie
this movie was so bad. fuck this movie.
Gamer Gains
It was decent but the title had fuck all to do with the movie, I knew it would be slow but I had really hoped something was going to show up in the end.... literally fuck all happened at night.
priceless wisdom
soo disappointed
Dont waste your fucking time watching... 2 people survive at the end the mother and father that own the house.. Also nothing comes at night... Boring as fuck..
Giving it a 3 is a very generous offer. I think even 2 is too high for this cra.... for this "film".
Joe clearly doesn't understand this film. I guess Suicide Squad is more on his level.
What comes at night!?!!? It's so stupid. Hated this movie
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