Is that what the theatrical adaptation of The Road was about? Because the book was definitely so much more.
Spoilers for the movie
I'm really confused on how you liked this movie.

I mean, the things the movie did right were done really well, but they barely explain anything that starts happening towards the end and it just feels sloppy.

The dog is just randomly injured and brought back into the house, the other dad turns out to have been lying about details in his story that weren't all that important for him to lie about in the first place, and all the survivors end up infected out of nowhere.

None of it is explained and it all kind of undercuts the idea that the real terror in the movie is the paranoia and fear the families experience.
It Comes At Night was a horrible fucking movie. Cheap scares by startling viewers with sudden loud volume. Dumb imagery you cant tell if its real or a dream sequence. And, of course, no questions answered.
BigBad Braxien
the last of us has an overrated story
Doomsday preppers are scarier than any doomsday they could be preparing for? Indeed. I don't want to spend any time around people who'd be sizing me up as a source of jerky if shit actually ever went down.
unsubbed sorry Bob your overt hatred for anything that doesn't fit your world view and the mindset that power fantasies are always bad and the fact that people who unironically embrace dumb antiheroes are apparently all rednecks.
tom mclean
Worst movie of the year
river lea
Тhis is thе niceist mооooviе i evеer see!!! I аdvise everyboоdyуу tо waaatcсh it :)
Recklessly Arrogant
That movie leaves you with blue balls. You expect so much and it leaves you with only a hand shake. Horrible. ONE STAR.
Tiffany Valeria
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Bob, in your little intro, literally none of the films/tv shows you have listed are about a hillbilly suddenly being the key to survival. Maybe the walking dead if you are being really reductive. And about fan bases, this is such a common thing you do, making assumptions and generalizations about and audience and why they watch and enjoy things. EX: Call of duty is for dude bros or people who want 911 catharsis, If you don't like Japanese games there's you are probabily a little racist, and now the post apocalypse genre has a fan base of people enjoying dumb power fantasy.
The Quester
spends the video giving mostly positive points
"I'm giving it 3 stars."
Anyone who saw the movie, please spoil it for me. What comes at night? What is 'it'?
The Road was a fucking stellar movie, Bobby boy. Stellar book, too.
0:20 damn right I'm fucking sick of it. Logan was great, but the rest can go fuck off in a garbage fire.

Though I'm not even quite sure if Logan would count in this besides having ugly ass scenery, because we clearly see boatloads of people just going about their day in Las Vegas and the town Wolverine was hanging out in before the plot kicked off.
Acidic Apples
I saw it and it's just another horror movie that banks off dream sequences to pretend as if there's actually anything scary going on. You could literally take out all of the dream sequence jump scares and the movie would just become a drama.
This is a bad movie, don't see it.
Telling us what IT is is spoiling the movie you tard
I just watched this movie. It is not good and has no real payoff for the time I invested. Wait for it on Netflix --- don't spend your money to see it in the theater ... you will be upset. It is not a reflection of what was sold to us in the trailer.
Geoffrey Winn
Cool video!
Alan Gebhardt
I would love to see some spoiler filled deconstruction episodes. Like, I'm probably not gonna see this movie, but I'd love to see Moviebob break down the plot and what he found interesting about the specifics of the movie. Not every movie will deserve this treatment, but whenever he avoids spoilers I just end up checking wikipedia and wondering what he really thought about it.
Anthony Clay
Completely with you Bob on that opening. (Apart from the specific example of archetype you used.) I'm sick of people not just contemplating, but wishing for the downfall of society. As if they hate their life, are so unable to find happiness and meaning with their fellow man, that mass extinction, lawlessness, and fighting for one's survival on a daily basis would be seen as desirable.
10 c loverfield lane starring walking dead
Nurgigondho Kusumogondho
TTThis moviеe is now aavailaaaablе to waaatch here =>
Flora Posteschild
Threads also kicks the Joe Average survives and thrives genre in the ass. There are some disasters that can't and maybe shouldn't be survived. At least not in any meaningful way, for many generations.

Some tips to survive the zombie apocalypse: stock up on three weeks worth of supplies now, then STAY HOME. Let's face it, unless you have a lot of military or survival training, you're unlikely to contribute anything. And if everyone else just STAYED HOME, the zombies wouldn't have much to eat, would they? (Screenwriter: "I'm going to invent a magic disease that's in all the soil and flies through the air....")
Iafiv Iv
So he doesn't like the post-apocalyptic genre primarily because of the fandom associated with it?Huh?Talk about not being able to separate a work from the reaction to that work.I hate this book because i once met two fans of it and they were mean to me.:((((
I don't think you can call yourself a serious critic if you start ranting about the fans of a certain genre and saying that is your primary problem with that work.
Great bait and switch, Bob. The opening rant about how you're sick of the subgenre made me think you were about to rip into this one as another generic entry in the field, only for you to stop and go "actually this is really good". Surprised the hell out of me.
Sounds like the ending for The Mist.
So... It's 10 Cloverfield Lane again?
Just what is Bob not sick of these days.
Sudev Sen
This man made Krisha which is amazing
Billy Gnosis
I've been pretty impressed with the stuff A24, the production company behind this film, has been kicking out recently
And the Trogdor comes in the night!
Really? I'm the first one to make this joke?
wow, that sounds smart. what movie bob said in the beginning rant is the exact reason I hated "the road". So to hear about a movie that takes the that hero power fantasy, and tears it apart and mocks it. sounds refreshing. definitely going to see it.
MInute MAN
do you think you could think you could do a review of Netflixs' Spectral. I found it enjoyable. don't know about everyone else
Name Here
I just thought of another neat up-ending of this tired genre. How about this:
Some virus happens, civilisation falls over, and instead of returning to hunter-gatherer instincts and reasoning that anybody with other skills are useless to humanity now (because truth is, there are probably people among the character who LIKE it that way) the story revolves around like, a small team of the last scientists on Earth, making one last push to understand and counter the virus. That'd be neat.
theres really no apocolypse in logan so its not a post apcolypse unless you meant it as a movie joke since xmen apocolypse
Louis Duarte
Didn't know this was a post-apocalypse movie, or a piss-take on the kind that all huge downers to watch (so the opposite of Mad Max). They're like a dime-a-dozen now, and they all boil down to this:
Scruffy survivor 1: We humans are the real monsters!
Scruffy survivor 2: Then what the fuck is that?!
Zombie/mutant/whatever: Urgh.
And no, LOGAN doesn't belong in that bunch. Yeah, it sucked to be a mutant (moreso than usual), but the rest of the world seemed to be humming along just fine without them.
moviebob it wouldn't bother me that you made assumptions about the last of us' storyline or aesthetic if i didn't know that you hadn't actually played it
John Pelt
1:10 -- Trying to stop watching it for a variety of reasons, but the thought occurs that Fox's LAST MAN ON EARTH is kind of a parody of that notion, with Will Forte as the afore-mentioned scruffy guy trying to reclaim his white male birthright being the Gilligan of the group (dialed up to 11, and that's on a good day) rather than the power fantasy.
Alex chan
I didn't find the Road to be about some macho survival dude making his way across the wasteland. Maybe it started out that way, but the main character is just as much as a victim as everybody else in the world, and by the end of the story, his role and the role of the secondary character pretty much switched.
Magic Man
Bob, I think you missed the point of most of those titles you rambled off in the beginning. The Road, Last of Us and Walking Dead (at least the comics) are ALL about how much it would suck to be in a post apocalyptic world and how much it compromises our humanity. Don't let yourself be so influenced by internet fanboys and actually interpret the work yourself.
Knight Terror
Will do Bob.
Lucifer's Hammer
Andrew Wells
I kind want to see a post-apocalyptic move +100 after the fall. Characters know people had it better in the past and they are still getting on with life. Think of this world more like Britain in the 1100s.
maX Volnutt
Why do people keep saying that Logan is post-apocalyptic? It seemed to me that, even though Logan's shitty little corner of the world had become... well, slightly shittier, everything else was just business as usual. They go to a casino hotel. They go to a convenience store. Logan has a day job as a fucking Uber Black driver. Just because it has Mexicans in it, doesn't make it an Apocalypse, guys.
The ending sucks though.
Leo Schue
Hadn't even heard of this until now, but I might give it a shot.
When people watch those apocalypse movies they think they'd be the hero/heroine in some gripping story when they'd really be one of the skulls along the highway that gets trampled on by fleeing survivors.
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